Thursday, 2 October 2014

When the tired hits..

OH YEAH. Today was one of those days my body was begging me not to do anything.  It started out perfect,  but the energy levels were dwindling come training time..

Breakfast - oat mix
Snack - protein spinach banana shake
Lunch - half tuna hummus kale sandwich on silver hills multi grain bread. Half a bell pepper with tzatziki.
Snack- exactly same as lunch.
3:45- some Greek yoghurt.

4:30 training! A modified relay of a roughly 300m section.. we did 7× 300m sections with roughly 2.5-3 min break. Waaay too much recovery. The knee wasn't happy and Raquel was beating me by 2 meters on the last 3. The good news was she pushed me and each was progressively faster... but definately a tired day..

Greek yoghurt and 1 c berries after...

Gym time! Back and tri ' s.  They were not happy. Dropped 10 lb s off on lat pull downs. Decided to skip medicine ball trampoline work to give my upper body and chest some rest. . My nervous system would've killed me!!

Chocolate milk.. organic ;)

Dinner - 5pc salmon sashimi and I splurged a little and got a roll with some crunchy goodness on top.

Healthy snack later.

All and all, good day.

Recovery hot bath time soon!!

M out .

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