Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sunday Funday

So today has been a long fun exciting day. There was a lot of confusion this morning when my workout was.. But it got done.

At the gym today I hammered out a leg workout. The linear leg press didn't feel so good today , so I just reduced my reps. Because 2 days ago was the first time I had done real squats in a long time, my legs are very sore today. I decided to opt out of doing squats today and did lunges instead. No weight 1st set.. 2nd and 3rd sets I added to 15 pound dumbbells. Feel the burn baby! Of course I included some ab work and a good roll out session on my legs.

Nutrition wasnt optimal but:

11 am oat concoction
2pm sushi fest
5pm snacks
7pm black been spaghetti with veggies
9pm 3 breakfast cookies

So as you can see some things need to be adjusted because I am NOT getting adequate  vegetable intake..

No run today because the leg workout was enough.

Also did a real hardcore meal prep session. Check out this sexy food prep porn.


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