Friday, 3 October 2014

That Friday tho.

Holy balls, today was  rough leg day. Still feeling the effects of Wednesday's leg workout... not so hot.

Went to chiro, got my knee worked on and my ankle "adjusted," feels so delightful.

After was a trek to Aldergrove to do a modified leg workout with a friend. No abs done today.

2 hour walk in the park after.

Tonight - party with no booze. I'm a good girl.


9am - oatmeal concoction
11 am - "The shake" and 1 super healthy turkey taco.
2:30pm - 2 tacos
3pm -  half a lara bar

5:30 pm - red veggie soup, 10 yam multi grain crackers... going to make a tuna sandwich and half a bell pepper now...

Really need to work on eating better when I'm out all day.. really gotta use my 6 pack fitness lunch bag!!!

Check out these Tricep gains ;)


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