Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tuesday drainage.

Ack.  I can definately feel the drainage and lack of performance today.  I need to change some things. Going hard for 2 weeks straight was a bit overwhelming ;)

BUT, still happy with my gains.

Nutrition needs to be fixed slightly. Won't be making those healthy cookies again, unless I freeze them. Eating 2-3 at one time does not fly. Especially before running.

7am - oatmeal
9:30 - apple and almonds
11:45 - black bean spaghetti
2:30 - more spaghetti
3 pm - 2 delectable goodies.

4:30 training... 6 runs. (2 loops) 2:30-3 min break between each rep and 4:30 between the 2 loops.

Second set was a bit slower except for last rep (of course) was feeling drained, quads were killing, and my stomach was hating cookies.

5:30; chocolate milk

HOME TIME!! This meant TV relaxation time. Gasp, I know.. no gym. I needed the rest.

6:30 protein green PB smoothie.
This tied me over for dinner hmmm.
What can I use to make a meal shake??

Epsom salt bath recovery time for this lady.

-M Dawg 

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