Sunday, 12 October 2014


So thursday I trained trails. the last few days I wasn't feeling the best, so took out the weights. SURE ENOUGH, I am sick today. Joyous, I am sooo thankful. Oh yeah, right.

Diet has been sub par the last few days. I mean, in my books sub par... Healthy eating for a good portion of the day until dinner time.. and the wine has made a few appearances the last few days... Damn long weekend..

I'm sick. im tired..

On a side note I got a new pb on the 600m loop through the trails... 2:13 not bad..

That was saturday morning. The sets were good. 2:24, 2:28, 2:25, 2:22, 2:13

I KNOW, I KNOW, don't hate on the last one. I got a little too competitive haha.

Sorry my lack of engrish skills today, I really just am not happy with this nose running all over the place.. Of course my first track day with the new team is on wednesday HAHA,

Can we say, more oil of Oregano please? Any other recommendations?

I hammered out a 450lb leg press today.. this was after doing many at 300+ something. I know, doing one looks kinda fail,  but my legs had all ready done squats and many heavy leg presses!!!

-Sickly M out

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