Sunday, 5 October 2014


Well crap, this weekend has sure tripped on by way too fast. Not doing as much as I would find pleasing on the social aspect, but enough to wet my fancy.

Nutrition was a bit tough today with all the outings but I think I did very well. Learnt how to cheat properly. We'll work it off tomorrow. Do you know what tomorrow is? Kick some ass day.

Finished my  regular natural BCAA's... Had to buy this today. ICK. I love sucralose just as much as I need a hole in my head. It's not too bad I suppose. No stimulants = excellence.
Bought this at Popeye's today. Less fat than real peanut butter. Less protein though :(

I dont know what happened to my awesome long post but it's not here?!! What gives.. well I'll fix it up a little bit I suppose

Mile time trial won and bettered: trails.... 6:27

Felt really good about the time trial.... Pace was set, and I even started going the wrong way, but thankfully near the beginning, and my team mates told me I was going the wrong way, so I had to recover a few seconds. Excited to try it again in the future to see how much I've improved. God I love time trials.

After trails I battered off a decent gym workout. Back and tri's... Did a few shoulder exercises. Med ball abs and some floor abs.

Nutrition was decent today. I went to the whitecaps game and ate some chili, it was the healthiest option. Went for dinner afterwards and had a super awesome kale quinoa tuna salad. 

Also half a bottle of wine, half a cheese cake, and a mocha with almond milk. FUEL FOR TOMORROW'S BEAST DAY RAWWWRRRR
M Out 

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