Thursday, 2 October 2014

It's a start!

Well, here we go. Another adventure of training and fun filled adventures.

After a year of small minor injuries and a big one (both achilles tendinopathy) I've come back with a bang. Stayed off running and hiking for 6 weeks to let the tendinopathy calm down. Wise idea me thinks. I lifted heavy for a few weeks and took 2 weeks off. Started back running 3x a week and weights 2x a week.

Last week was 6 days of gym and 4 days of running. .

Upping gym time is a huge priority, of course adding a bit more cardio too. I want the strength, I know I need it for those 10 hurdles. What a spectacular event I choose eh?

Training is so far going well, easing in to it to make sure no achilles issues.

I've been hammering heel drops and isometric holds. Linear leg press is at 3 sets of 10 with 180 lb plates (380lbs overall) so the strength is coming a long. I've been "okayed" for calf raises, so I've added 50 lbs (145lbs overall)  to that and no problems.

Diet has been tweaked slightly. I've bulked enough, now it's time to put on that muscle and cut some fat.

Diet is 3 meals a day with snacks between that. Essentially every 2 hours.

The stats so far are 5"9 157lbs.

Back to work I go, stay posted for after training review!


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