Friday, 26 December 2014

Florida day 7

It's been a fantastic few days. Today being the highlight of the week by far.
The hurdle workout video.

Day 5, December 24th was easy tempo.. 10x 100 ' s with 45 seconds rest on the grass.

Day 6, December 25th was a MUCH needed rest day.  That was a hard day in which I struggled to be 100% sugar free. Not even an apple!!! I was quite grumpy when we were having our team Christmas dinner at Golden Corral until to continuously pass the dessert buffet.. The golden fountain of warming chocolate wafting through the air.

Can I have some fruit?

What about?

Kind of pathetic now that I think back on it. I need to internalize the ability to not eat sugar. Everything else is so easy to cut out, it's amazing. Sugar is the baaaaad addiction.

Today is day 7. Today was dun dun dunnnn HURDLE DAY!! I was super ready to go this morning and food energy levels were perfect.  I had my fast pants on. Lululemon wunder under pants in Beachscape, but of course. My focus levels were pretty high, could've used some work, but was acceptable for me today.

We started with some quality speed. I ran these in spikes, first time since June/July in spikes.
A few minutes rest between. It felt good to drive. I proceeded with hurdle drills. Still have that hip tightness, but we have worked out a lot through massage this week. Not to mention the warmth makes a big difference.

Although the weather hasn't been optimal.. No sun. It's still a lovely 17c today.

Off to do endurance hurdles!
6 x 100m hurdles at 110m spacings. So each hurdle will be alternating legs. They were pretty good. I skimmed a few when I started to get tired, but they all turned out pretty nice. On the 6th one I stopped just over half way. Why? Sometimes something doesn't feel right while you are driving.  It's a pretty big brain explosion trying to hurdle and make sure you keep your speed AND push off powerful. If you don't run fast enough and push off hard when you touch down after the hurdle,  you won't make it to the next hurdle.. It's fun also trying to put new hurdling skills in to this. Ha, work in progress! Hard to get rid of the old dog's bad habits!

Hurdle time = brain switch.

The focus comes on and nothing else matters except that hurdle.

Very happy with today, and the weight seems to be just melting off here. I'm doing things right :)  I'm very happy here, and life is fantastic. Always look up, be positive, and achieve your dreams.

I'm currently in the pool for my thermo therapy. Have a good night world.


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