Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Florida day 4

Training camp really shines your talents. It shows you what you were put on this earth to produce on the track. I work 7 days a week. Although my job is not taxing to me in any manner, I'm sitting for a good portion of 7 hours in a truck. How bad is that? VERY BAD. Probably off of 6-7 hours sleep. I come to practice yawning and tired, slightly un motivated to do the lovely base work of training. Base work is quite integral to your year, it just can be hard when you go straight from work to training. Home to eat, and then take care of the dog. By this time it's 9pm. Then I have to prep for work the next day. Do you see this horrible time reoccurrence?

It's taxing.

I come to camp and it's a light switch. I can sleep. I owe nothing to any one. I am here to produce results for myself only. No one yelling down your throat in the manner of work environments or relationships. The only stress here is the stress of the workouts, which I live for. I cringe at one of the workouts I have to accomplish this week. Yet it excites me so much. I know exactly what that workout will do for me, and how it is going to improve me. I get excited thinking of the pain it will cause me, and how I get to fight through that pain. How I get to drive through the pain. Turn the switch on and focus everything I have to get to that finish line with proper mechanics, setting my time goals. The discipline is on. All day is track, track, and more track. Everything you do here is for your ultimate goal. It's 11 days of quality sharpening. Recharging if you will.  It's amazing how much you can get done when you don't have to work. Every single day has been productive here. A lot gets done. We live like athletes and our down time is filled with recovery, usually with therapy of some sort. The brain is filled with track, there are no other distractions, and the warmth is a gently reminder that you are on one heck of an amazing vacation.

The vacation being TRAINING CAMP. I'd rather be here than Mexico. That's why you and me are different. I want to go to Worlds, and I know what it takes to get there.. and you.. well.. what do you want to do with your life?

It's so hard explaining things to people sometimes. They don't understand why I devote everything to track, and they think I'm insane at the mere mention of me trying to drop 10lbs. People don't get it.  They don't understand why you train. They don't understand why you keep running through injuries.
Why do I run through injuries? I struggle with being able to tell the difference between acceptable pain. I have a high pain tolerance. The only reason I slow down is because I know it is detrimental on me. In grade 11 I had a fractured toe. It hurt. I taped it. I went on to PB in the 1500m S/C with a 4:58. That record still stands, and I was undefeated by 10seconds in every 1500 steeplechase race. The question lies within to what you want to accomplish. Pain is temporary, but glory is forever. That being said, I'm LEARNING to take it easy, especially at this age. I have learned to say "no" and I am learning that injuries mean DAYS OFF.

Track is a lifestyle.

Training camp is a wake up call. It really tells you how much better you'd be if you did't have to work. Unfortunately, such is life that the working man needs to go to work and make money to pay for fantastic therapy and trips to Europe for the 2015 season. I WISH that I could be a full time professional athlete, BUT I know that I will push through it and succeed with what I have. Age is no barrier and I will step up the game to work around my work schedule. I am going to work less now.

OKAY, let's talk about this great day.

Today was big circuit Charlie Francis style on the grass. Went well. I think I went a bit fast, but I'm not sure exactly what "slow" is. Can someone explain to me? We followed that up with an hour in the pool. Ps I dropped 5 lbs.

The protein shake first thing in the morning is fantastic, and I read an article last night about how whey is important in controlling cortisol levels.  Get on that game sir. Tomorrow is a track day. Not sure how bust from today I'll be. I think the others are on the grass, but let's see what we can accomplish.

mmmm I'm excited for some fascial abrasion tonight.

You think i'm sick, I know. ;)


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