Sunday, 21 December 2014

Florida day 2

It's day two in the state of oranges. As I speak I've got my post workout 2 fried eggs in hand... Ice water in the other. You ask how I am typing? That will be a mystery my friends. We have a "hen share" here in Florida. The state doesn't look too kindly on buying eggs from farmers. This is a minor bypass on it, and we were even instructed we could visit our hens at any time!

We bought 6 dozen.

Let's see how long that will last. I myself have all ready polished off 6 eggs alone today. We will be buying more free run, organic eggs soon. Does it make a difference you ask? YES, YES IT DOES. I have learned that very quickly on this trip, some of the differences in your health by choosing poor quality products. Plus, even if it says it is organic, the title can be loosely used. Especially in the USA. I'll have to find a quality farm back home in Vancouver.

Fried eggs like they are going out of styyyylllleeee baby!!! Whole organic butter = amazing.


I can't believe I'm allowed butter. Copious amounts make the fact I can't intake sugar okay.

So, the premise eating this trip:


Sugar is limited to very little amounts of fruit, usually in our green shake and Mel's killer oatmeal. Yeah ya'll love my recipe, I know. It's been an interesting adventure on this diet, but so far I love it. There is research to back the no wheat diet, this also includes no damn gluten free bread, cut that crap.  Wheat means inflammation. Inflammation = not what a sprinter athlete needs at all.

Sugar= Just bad on all accounts.  I learned that even stevia and sucralose (we all know how I feel about that devil item called "sucralose") aren't good items because it still tastes like sugar, so you will get cravings for sugar. JUST CUT OUT ALL THE CRAP!! You will survive much better without sugar. This will be a long haul, and I may have to slap a few people, but I am doing this. It's another sacrifice I can add on to the list.

If you want to be world class, every day, every single thing you put in your body is affecting you. Time to smarten up.

I guess it's a good thing I'm not home for Christmas dinner? har har.

This morning was a lovely pool tempo workout. My calf is very happy that it had no impact today.  essentially it was 3x 45s pool running with 15s rest. Before hand we did mobility work and I did 10 min of cool down at the end. We just finished intense core and working on pelvic neutrality, that is... Working on proper neutral placement of the hips where as to get the best form out of your sprinting. Bad mechanics = slower sprinter. Will be great to carry these things on to the track.

I'm getting excited about hitting the track tomorrow. The National Training center (NTC) woo! I received workouts from my coach back home, it looks like there are some pretty tough times in there, and i'm not exactly sure how I get some of the times done with 3-4 minutes rest running pyramids at 95% ack. We'll save that near the end of the week. Same with the endurance hurdles.


M Dawg

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