Monday, 22 December 2014

Florida day 3

I was like a kid in a candy store when we hit the track. Nothing makes me sparkle more than being on an out of town track. The way the heat feels on my legs. The smell of the rubber as the sun beats off the track. The light breeze whisping through my hair. Feeling the track on my skin as I sit on the track, changing in to my racing flats. Seeing the whole oval, the 400m, my event, and visualizing over and over running through that finish line. My eyes immediately spot the hurdles on the inside of the track and I am overjoyed!

This post will be a highlight of improper English skills. I am SO BUST today.  It's not that we had a high volume workout, it's that it was a long day with some good quality work.. Of course we had to do a bunch of registration to get on the track today, so by the time we got on the track, we were a little hungry.

Today's diet has been pretty good, with just a minor bit if sugar (16g) that I unfortunately had to have in a shake at the NTC.  We tried something new today. First thing in the mornjng 16 oz of ice cold water, followed by 2 scoops of protein powder in 8 oz of water. 30 minutes later I ate breakfast. Today it was an omelette and my oatmeal mix.

It was lovely to get out in the heat today and I was a happy girl to have warm and loose legs.  The calf was feeling super good today, not even a tweak or soreness.

2x 80m, 1x 70m, 2x 60m, 1x 50m, 1x 120m with about 5 minutes break.  Felt good, between 80-90% nothing crazy, and no explosiveness.

Because everything was feeling good, I did hip mobility over the hurdles with hurdle drills. Then I just stepped up a little and did 1 legged hurdle run overs (trail leg only.) Felt good to get back to things.

I'm setting up good things for my hurdle endurance workout (10 hurdles over 100m.)

Immediately after I ingested 2 sc of protein. We went straight in to the weight room and like I said, I was pretty bust. I did quality planks and some light stretching.

The second highlight of the day was finding a scale in the gym. Before I left for Florida on Friday I was 158.2 lbs. Well, in 3 days I've managed to lose 4 lbs and drop down to 153.9lbs.
Giddy girl claps.



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