Thursday, 1 January 2015

The beginning of an amazing transformation..

As I sit here in Starbucks with my venti latte, I recall the past year and everything that has happened to me during that time. What I have learned, and where I have grown.  I'm sure most of you can relate, but I've been waiting to come here to write and drink this coffee all day. There is something quite magical about coffee, maybe it's the way the hot liquid streams down your throat and heats up your insides. Or the way it brings an over all sense of calmness to you. Mmmm yes, that would be it. Before I recall the last year, I want to recap the rest of the Florida camp, and go over my major accomplishments that occurred.

The 27th was a nice fun tempo workout on the grass with no shoes. I focused on pelvic neutrality and keeping the shoulders back and relaxed. 2 sets of 10x100m's. 45 seconds rest between each rep and a 100m walk back rest every 5 reps. It was good, a special kind of endurance. It's an interesting feeling being able to ground yourself. Every time your foot touches the grass it's quite lovely. It's as if things just.. work. Neutral grounding. 60 minutes of pool.

The 28th was a nice day off, but we know that a day off isn't really a day off. I decided to do some pool tempo work on my own, just to keep things interesting, and to keep the fat loss continuing.. Copious amounts of butter is still tickling my fancy daily.

The 29th....... Can we just pause here and not continue? This is too grand of a day to even talk about. No words can describe what happened on this day. I woke up to the sun shining and delectable breakfast food tantalizing my nostrils. I don't think I have ever enjoyed breakfast more than I have being on this camp. The sun is to reach a high of 27 Celsius on this day, and I am counting the hours to my allotted training time at the track. The time passes with music and the hype up. You know what I love about the hype up? Nothing else can get in my way. It's me time, I'm prepping my brain to perform, and I'm harvesting all of my feelings about running in to one stock pile of energy. The time comes, YES!   We swapped workouts, wasn't feeling quite up to 250's and 200's... How about some quality speed on your last day in the sun, he asks. YES, YES, easy answer. We worked on starts and proper spinal alignment. What an improvement. After plenty of starts and a lot of speed up to 100m, we decided to do a good piece of quality....

"I want to see what my 150m is."

......I go, I fire out, and boom, it looks beautiful, it feels beautiful. I feel like a goddess attacking the track.

19.23 WINNNNNINNNGGG. Over a second off of my personal best this whole year. Fantastic. This little ball has some speed left in her still! I am excited to see where I can actually get to with quality speed work, and some explosive work. We capped off with a 110m. Great, good way to end the trip, great way to end the day.. Got in to the pool just after 10pm and did a quick 30 minutes of pool time..

So check out the accomplishments of this trip.. 
-Running great speed over the hurdles, with average flight time of 0.32-0.34 (keep in mind with only a 60fps camera on that analysis)
-19.23 150m SB

HA on to the next....

New Year's Eve was a warmup on the grass day.. Can't do too much after flying.

[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] Okay, let's get in to the important conversation here... I hit the track today for my first workout of 2015. The sun was hitting the track perfectly. Despite the fact it was only 1 Celsius, the sun was heating things up just the right amount for me to get some decent speed in. My brain was pretty occupied for this work out. Of course things shut "off" when it's time to go, or do a rep.. But the time in between, not so much. It wasn't a bad thing, a lot of self reflection happened, and I was lucky to recall my entire year.

2014 was a long year.  The last 2 years have been an interesting struggle for me in all aspects. I think I have discovered more about myself during this time, than a good portion of my time on earth. A big time on self discovery, and a lot of lessons. 2014 came quick with a gentle reminder not to trust people so easily. It began this way, and was subtlety reminded before the year came to a close. People can say things all they want, but until their words match their actions, it means nothing. ABSOLUTELY nothing, remember this. It's a little push to keep to yourself a bit more. I'm speaking of different relationships. People you are interested in, and people you want to have in your life as a coach or friend.  Trust yourself on all occasions. Don't second guess yourself, and don't be so keen to give away your friendship so easily. People can mean well, but you need to set heavy structure and boundaries. 2014 brought me renewing friendships, and bringing a few ladies close in to my life. I cherish these relationships so much, and I'm glad I worked hard at getting these people to where they are in my life today. They mean the world to me and I'm grateful for that. Quality, not quantity, my friends. I'm glad I can be there for them..

2014 was a big year on self discovery. Figuring out who I am and what I'm looking for. Of course I still have questions, and I imagine I will always have questions... But things make a lot more sense to me now. Things still get to me, but I'm learning how to exude control of these feelings. My biggest step in the last 7 days was controlling my impulsive eating behaviours.  Do you feel something right now? Give it 20 minutes, do you still want to say the same thing? Do you still want to eat that piece of cake? No. Control your impulses, and give it time. Ask yourself.. What do you really want? Do you want that for the right reasons, or are your feelings trying to control you? This will be my major work for 2015. Every day seems to be showing me ways to exercise this, and even a little "lesson" here or there.

It's truly amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it. YES YOU CAN.

Injuries plagued me in 2014, and many tears of frustration were had. Having patience was the most difficult part, and so much running was filled with tears of pain as well as I tried to fight through achilles tendinopathy. I pulled out of my first race, 200m in to it. I was ready to roll these girls and get a new SB. But it happened, and it was the strangest thing watching people finish the race and knowing exactly where I would've placed and what time I was going to run. That race changed the game, and I became more aware of pain. I started to learn that pain was no longer an acceptable thing to happen to me. Pain wasn't going to get me to the next race, pain was going to keep me OUT of the next race. My time is short, and I'm not about to kill my chances of running ever again (tendinopathy can last for a year if bad enough.) 

I met an amazing person in 2014 that helped me realize my true potential as a person, and as an athlete. He made me realize that there is so much more than just "running." Mechanics are everything. He boosted me and helped me to get where I am today. I don't think I could be getting to my potential without him in my life! Another grateful, and quite random meet up that happened in my life.

So to 2014, thank you for teaching me things. Thank you for showing me that I need to push myself to the limit. Thank you for teaching me to be more careful with my heart. Thank you for bringing my friends closer in to my life, and also my parents.  Thank you for teaching me so much about people. The more people I meet, the clearer I can sense people and their energies. I am working with my intuition still, but it only gets stronger at sensing people.  Thank you 2014 for teaching me about my personality type. Thank you for teaching me that no, you don't have a disorder, you're just a unique individual that needs to self reflect and self improve always. Thank you to my friends for always being there for me, letting me cry on their shoulder this year. Letting me rant to them. Thank you for letting me be close to you!

My words to you to close this lengthy blog write up... Never change who you are for anyone.. Remember what your values are, and stick to them. You're not here to make other people happy.

Thank you 2014.

Love always,

Melissa xoxo

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