Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Good day to all. Today is a bit of a discussion on running in to complications with the diet, but the big topic on today's blog will be discussing motivation and having positive support in your life.

As people, we all struggle with finding motivation to do things. Getting there is half the battle, and when you arrive, all follows in to a dominoe effect of completion. As track athletes, I think we struggle a little bit differently. Getting there isn't half the battle, it's completing the work out. I have a long day at work, my my day starting at 6:15am. Practice starts at 5:30pm, so by this time it's all ready a 11 hour day and we haven't even started the main part of the workout ;) ... The hard part is knowing you have to complete the workout. It's the part where you know you have to exceed the standards. You can't just "run." There needs to be heart in it. There needs to be a huge amount of focus. You can't just run it to what's expected, you need to push yourself to better your standards, because you won't get anywhere being complacent.

Einstein once said that a crazy person is someone who does the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. So that's it. That's what it is. There is no running in your comfort zone. It's a huge mental piece of work to stay strong through a practice. You're fighting your own battle and you can't rely on your team mates to carry your times. Most of the time they seem to be wrong with pacing any way ;) You can't focus on where they are. YOU are training by yourself. YOU and YOU alone. 

The physical pain I can handle, unless it's injury type pain, which then causes me emotional type pain. HA, funny how that is. I hate cutting practices short, like Monday's practice. 300 (45), 200 (30), 200 (29) and 3x150m. 50m in to the 150 running by myself the quad jolted.. There's a big lump there, it's annoying. I haven't been able to roll it out, well... I TRIED, no luck. 

We don't necessarily like practice, but we know it's what makes us get to the top. It's the hard expectations we put on ourselves not to fall short that makes training difficult sometimes.

This is why it's very important to keep positive people in your life. Negativity isn't tolerated well when it's constant. I've realized this over the years after removing some people from my life. If your life is negative, FIX IT!!! IT'S THAT SIMPLE!! There is a solution for everything. Bring positive people in your life and everything improves. 

I'm happy for the people in my life, they teach you things. Friends are everything to me.
My mother once laughed and told me... "Melissa, they have no idea who you are now.. but they will fear your name one day again." Talking about entering in to races. THIS is what i'm talking about. Some people are so afraid to sound cocky or super confident to their friends, but you have no idea how great positive words can be. I think you can change a whole person's day by your words.

I always do my best to see this in people and give them affirmations.

FOOD!! I made the best food, and I have a new recipe I created.. Melissa's killer beans:
Bacon fat
Chili flakes
Poultry spice

BOOM! Done, amazing.

I also made a super easy dish, I don't even know what it was, but the acidity of the tomatoes is cut by the yams.

The "Dish"
Grassfed beef
Bacon pieces
Yams cooked and diced
Crushed tomatoes
2 farm fresh eggs
Half an avocado
Red pepper

Although "THE DISH" is amazing, I think I could live on a steady diet of my killer green beans.. MMMMM NOM NOM NOM.

Eating is super hard, how do you do it? Paleo, not paleo, 4 hour body by Tim Farris. SO MANY RULES?! It all can be so contradicting and I'm not sure what to do some days. Especially since the world athletics nutrition guide is also different. It said not to eat lentils. Phytic acid. I'm back on lentils now. Lentils = Lose weight, fill you up.

Sigh, I'm sure it will all make sense eventually. I want my damn cheat day though.

Good day! (british accent)


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