Monday, 5 January 2015

Steps in the right direction..

It's monday the 5th. The first work day of the new year. Is it wrong if I was excited to come in to work today? It's good to have a positive group of friends at your work to make it worthwhile to come in. It's fun to share stories and laughter.  People want to pick my brain about my new diet... AND THAT COFFEE THO.

Today was my frist experience trying the Buleteproof coffee. For those who don't know what this is, it's  black coffee with copious amounts of fat.. 2 tbsps butter and 2tbsp MCT oil. I opted only for the grass fed butter approach, and not 2 tbsps worth.. Maybe just 1? Now I was unable to blend it, but it still tasted pretty damn good over my Stirhouse Kenyan pour over. My new daily start is a whey shake with water, and then I tried this coffee. I lasted til about 11 without eating. I think I could last til 12, but I'm not sure how my colleagues would feel about me not eating. ;) I also don't think I like the lack of nutrients, and copious amounts of fat. I am not going to lie, the new fat in my diet is pretty fun, I seem to have more energy. I may just have a heart attack, that's all. Ha.

Today will be a super experimentation with carbs. I will have lunch as my last meal til training, with heavy carbs following practice. The thought here is no/minimal carbs until after training. Lunch will be protein citttyyyyyyy BOOM!

Friday I had the liberty of finding out my favourite organic place, Organic World in maple ridge, was closed forever. I don't think I need to go to maple ridge every again, ha. I managed to find a place close by that carried grass fed beef.  This is a new concept for me, going from eating chicken to beef.

What macro's do you guys follow? Post in the comments section below.

Saturday practices are always pretty intense, and the lovely Christine is now coming to practice. This made things a little interesting, as now I have a 3rd in Canada hurdler to train with.

3 sets of 2x300's Yummy.. Consistant 52,56 throughout, with my stronger run being the second one of each set surprisingly. This was a good day, and it was good to start getting on a structured path. It's amazing how much we as humans need structure. I could go on forever about how I think it's so good for people, but I'll spare you the details today.  A good weekend, and a great sense of control coming in to the new year with my life. I see exactly where I want to go and the things that are required to get there. I have great feelings about this year in all parts of my life. I think my multiple decisions about coaching will also play a huge positive role in my life this year.

Now if we could only get through these torrential down pours? I almost want to buy one of those fancy fire places.

My advice to my readers today: Be in control of your life. If you don't like something, fix it! Everything is easy if you make it easy. :)

Enjoy the day, and train through the rain, no excuses.

M Dawg.

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