Wednesday, 22 April 2015

In to the process..

The part I love about injuries is hunger. It's the hunger that you can't have it. Every day that goes by doesn't go by with more determination and drive than the last day. Albeit frustrating at times, you know it's a process. Every day being a day to better yourself from yesterday. Another day to become a better you.

(Some outside time on a work break in BC)

Are you going to sit there and stand by as your competitors continue to excel and get better? NO. You're going to do everything that you can do at that moment. You're injured? Great! You can focus on strength and power. You can make that machine better than it was before.

Injuries can be weakness, so you can make that body part stronger than ever..

I thought it was going to be a few weeks, but it turns out hips are a pretty important body part ;)
The hip is healing.
The plantar fasciitis is a process.

It's all steady and we are working small steps every day.

With that being said, I decided to do some rehab in Hawaii for 2 weeks.

Time to taste the sunshine.


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