Thursday, 6 November 2014

Little pb here and there .. ;)

Things are pretty good for me. I keep my expectations high, and I always set to improve myself. I am never content with the current, and always want progress. Rewards to me are noticeable facts of improvement. Only then am I happy, because I see my labour shining through.

Personal bests and weight loss have to be my top rewards. It's like chocolate to me. Nothing gets me off like a Sexy personal best in a loop or time trial. That means everything is working.

Yesterday we did 2 sets of 3 x 600m hills..
2 min rest. 5 min between sets.. pretty baller times... first 2 were 1 sec slower than 2 weeks ago, so I sought for cut downs.  (Keep in mind every other one is the downhill of that 600m hill)
2:22, 2:13, 2:21.

2:12,  2:17,  2:02

Now, the last set was dh, up, dh... but wow..

Okay, so I had an obstacle in front of me.. Although I blitzed Raquel on 2/3 uphills. That girl had me on 2/3 downhills. She's got the speed, I've got the endurance. The last downhill I picked up increasingly.. The last part is flat 150m so I hauled. She heard me, well, who wouldn't hear a dying horse panting behind you? So she picked up, but I caught her.

Yes, yes 10 seconds is a little bit much for a cut down, but I wanted to win.

That's right.. I wanted to win.

The mantra each and every one of you need to have to becoming better athletes and healthy people.

On that note... Today was the first fun strength training, hurdle hopping, frog squats, lunges galore today. I guarantee sore calves tomorrow...

This calls for a 12pm run at work tomorrow!

Pics - new shoes.. so sexy. My new trainers for track only. Supa light!! Flawless sprinting.  New thermal outfit.. can't hype up how warm those sugar tights are!!! On the track to injury free!!


The Hard Ass - Melissa

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