Friday, 11 December 2015

Why not to be lost..

The sounds.
The sights. God the sights were so amazing. 
The feeling. 
The click. 
The snap.

What was it? What exactly did you do? You ask yourself over and over what you missed in the last while but you don't know exactly where you misplaced yourself. You just knew you were lost. You tripped and fell hard. Falling down the black hole as you stared up at the sun as you continued to fall deeper down the dark abyss. The deeper you fell the harder it became.

We all know the feeling. Sometimes we fall off our paths and get lost...

It takes something sharp for us to click back in to life. Sometimes we have to see the blood to realize there is pain.

Once you heal the wounds, you pick yourself up, throw on your track shoes, and get back on the track.

You've never lost your way. 


Start with the realization. 

Just start, and you're way ahead of everyone else who is still falling down that hole looking back at you as you climb up to the surface.

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